Competency learning platform

Get your learners on the platform with minimal set-up effort.

Learning Analytics

Analytics to help improve your ROI on learning.

Multimodal content support

Support learners though multiple content formats.

Core Benefits from Kenomy

Better learning outcomes

Achieve better learning outcomes for your employees with Kenomy.

Collaborative learning

Help foster a collaborative learning environment in your organization.

Enable learners’ growth

Enable your learners access courses that help them grow in their careers

Adopt intelligent learning

Our technology augments the learner experience by delivering a high level of personalization tools that enable insights for the learner while improving training productivity.

How your organization can benefit

New Hire Onboarding

With Kenomy, new employees can take their initial training online. That way, they achieve performance goals faster without distracting their colleagues.

Learning Assessment

Kenomy helps you assess skills and knowledge automatically and always have a clear picture of how your learners are progressing.

Product and Compliance Learning

Kenomy helps learners in different branches, streams and divisions keep up to date with product line updates.

Benefits and Features

Actionable Reports

Reporting and Analytics designed for measuring learning uptake and effectiveness.

Reduced Costs

Our cloud-based architecture brings you economies of scale like you never imagined before.


Get the ability to scale up to an unlimited user base and storage when you need to reach more leaners.