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Kenomy helps trainers connect to more learners and engage with them efficiently to deliver better learning outcomes.

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Accelerating every individual’s development journey

Kenomy is a global online marketplace where trainers showcase their offerings and learners discover trainers

Learners can engage with and rate trainers. That way, the learning community helps each other engage productively with the best trainers

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Why Kenomy

Trainer search and discovery

Access world class trainings from reputed trainers and learning programs

Intelligent marketing for trainers

Targeted marketing tools and customized promotions for trainers for maximum impact on the learning community

Higher engagement levels

Increased engagement between trainers & trainees enables useful knowledge sharing through online tools

Leverage Analytical Insights

Benefit from improved learning effectiveness by leveraging analytical engine and big data

How Kenomy Works

David uses Kenomy to engage and capture the pulse of his trainees

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